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  • Over 25 years experience
  • Successful track record
  • Former Superior Court Referee
  • L.A. Co. Board of Commissioners Hearing Examiner
  • Adjunct Law Professor
  • National Association of Counties National
    Achievement Award "Best in Category"
    Criminal Justice and Public Safety 2008

We can assist our clients in:
English, Spanish, Chinese & Hebrew.
Se Habla Espanol, 我們有說中文的律師, דובר עברית

10.0Shep Alan Zebberman  

I was falsely accused of multiple counts of child molestation and facing life in prison. Attorney Shep Zebberman believed in me, was extremely responsive, always made time to meet, and aggressively fought for me every step of the way. We took the case to jury trial where Shep demonstrated his exceptional trial skills and well-seasoned courtroom presence. With a huge credit to his experience, resources, savviness, expertise, and keen knowledge of the law, the jury acquitted me of all counts. Attorney Shep Zebberman literally saved me and my family's future. Shep Zebberman deserves my highest recommendation to anyone in need of strong legal representation.

I had a great experience with Shep. He answered all my question very quickly which is very important to me. He made my experience easy. In court he explained what was going to happen so there were not any surprises. All in all it was money well spent. I would highly recommend this lawyer and his associates to anyone! Thanks again Shep!

Best criminal defense attorney! My father was facing 4 felony counts in federal court and Mr. Zebberman was very knowledgeable and prompt. He immediately visited him in custody and reassured him of all his positive possibilities. He made our family feel extremely confident about what was going on with the case and helped through every step of the way.

The Best Child Dependency Attorney Los Angeles. Shep and his team are responsive, courteous, and listen intently. They have the ability to hear complex matters of the family and use wisdom to work out the best situation. I am pleased he is available on the phone, he is very communicative in all aspects of the case. He is a very positive person and his happy demeanor takes some of the stress off the situation. He has all of his papers in order and any meeting he or one of his staff is on time.

Mr. Zebberman is not only a star in his field but he also had what it took to make me feel confident and comfortable throughout the process. I recommend Mr. Zebberman!

People v. EL- Client accused of multiple counts of child molestation facing life in prison. Not guilty after jury trial.

People v. DL Domestic Violence- Case dismissed

People v. T.V.D. Client accused of possessing cases of unlawful smuggled cigarrette cartons . Case dismissed after motion to suppress evidence.

People v. X. Client accused of soliciting an undercover police officer posing as a prostitute. Not guilty after jury trial.

People v. T.H. Juvenile charged with Felony vandalism. Case dismissed.

People v. J.S. Juvenile charged with theft. Charges dropped.

People v. B.F. Juvenile accused of sexual battery. Charges dropped.

People v. K.H. Client charged with domestic violence. Charges dropped

In re H.S. Child removed by DCFS based on allegations of sexual molestation. Child returned to the home and jurisdiction terminated.

In Re R.H. Mother accused of failure to protect two children. HOP mother.

In RE A.B. Mother accused of inability to care for child Child returned to mother

People v. A.M. Juvenile charged with sexual battery. Charges dropped.

L.W. v J.P. Client accused of sexually molesting his daughter. Charges dropped and restraining order dismissed.

People v B.M. Client accused of Felony physical abuse on foster child. Deferred Entry of Judgment,\.

G. v.G. Ex wife sought restraining order against husband based on allegations of physical abuse. Case dismissed.

People v W. Client accused of theft. Cased dropped to infraction.

People v. J.O. Client was plead guilty to residential burglary and possession of a firearm with one strike. Court granted our motion to withdraw the plea and dismissed the charges

People v, EN. Client charged with criminal threats and a protective stay away order issued. Plea to infraction disturbing the peace with $150 fine, no probation and stay away order dissolved.

I was falsely accused of a sexual battery. I was facing lifetime registration as a sex offender if convicted, loss of my job, and my reputation. I hired Attorney Shep Zebberman, based upon my business lawyer’s referral, just before the case went to trial. He immediately got prepared and took the case to jury trial. Thanks to attorney Zebberman’s hard work, expertise, experience and skills, I was found not guilty. Many people in the courtroom told me what an excellent job he did. Attorney Zebberman believed in me. I highly recommend attorney Shep Zebberman.