Juvenile Delinquency

Juvenile delinquency offenses are those which have been committed by youths and children less than eighteen years of age. Recognizing the developmental maturation process of teenagers and adolescents and the flexible neuroplasticity associated with more potential for positive change, the legal justice system in California established specific systems and procedures in place to deal with youths accused of crimes. Such measures include juvenile courts, juvenile detention centers, and various forms of informal diversion.

Juvenile crimes can range from status offenses (crimes related to age, such as underage smoking, underage drinking, or truancy) to property crimes and/or violent crimes. It is possible for a juvenile delinquent to be charged and tried as an adult if the crime is very severe.

If your child is a minor who has been charged with a juvenile delinquency crime, his or her entire future may now be at stake. No doubt you and your child may be feeling scared, upset, or anxious. Legal matters for Juvenile delinquency cases differ from adult courts. For example, unlike adult criminal court proceedings, all cases in Juvenile Court are tried before the Court, without a jury. The Judge conducts all hearings, and ultimately is the sole determinant of whether a crime has been committed. Juveniles are not entitled to bail and can be detained in custody without the opportunity to “bail out”. Additionally, juvenile court hearings are often closed to the public. Records are often confidential. Because juvenile delinquency laws are so different than adult crime laws, it is essential for you to make sure that the lawyer you choose to represent your child has sufficient experience in this specialty.

As a Juvenile Court Referee on behalf of the LA Superior Court (at Eastlake Juvenile Court) for over seven years, Shep Zebberman has conducted hearings, presided over trials, and thousands of juvenile cases. He has undergone specialized training in the area of juvenile delinquency cases and have been provided a particularly rare insiders’ view into this environment. Having worked in this position for a substantial amount of time, he has been educated with the skills and experience to effectively defend your child in court. As a thorough and aggressive lawyer for your child, he will assist in keeping your child’s best interests at heart. Dismissal, rehabilitation, treatment options, and the like are all better alternatives than having your child sent to a juvenile prison.

Attorney Zebberman can help with all types of crimes, detention hearings, fitness motions, probation violations, sealing juvenile records and alternatives to juvenile custody.

Don’t put your child in deficient or inexperienced hands. To obtain a positive result hire legal counsel who has experienced results.

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